Training: “Understanding Conflict”- for Ministers of the Association of the Baptist Churches in Israel

We had the opportunity to lead and facilitate a training program for ministers of the Association of the Baptist Churches in Israel in partnership with Nazareth Evangelical College. The training consisted of three workshops that explored the topic of “Understanding Conflict” from three different perspectives: theological, social, and personal. Theologically, we have discussed how conflict can be an opportunity for growth and transformation. Through the study of biblical stories, we have learned that by inviting God into our conflicts, He can transform them into holy ground, where we receive protection, guidance, and enlightenment.
In our social discussions, we have explored the different lenses through which we see and interpret conflict and others. These lenses are shaped by a variety of factors, including our culture, identity, education, experiences, background, biology, and personality. The differences in our lenses explain why we have different points of view when it comes to conflict and how we deal with it. During our personal exploration of conflict, we examined five different strategies for dealing with it and discussed the respective strengths and weaknesses of each approach. This exercise was designed to help participants gain insight into their own conflict management style and to identify areas where they can improve their ability to handle conflict in a constructive and effective manner.

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