Training: “Let Your Light Shine” – for the Alumni of the Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel (FCSI)

The Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel in collaboration with our Peace Center hosted a conference for its alumni with the theme “Let Your Light Shine.” The conference was a great success and brought together a diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for fulfilling our Christian mission. Through our training which included lectures and workshops, we explored the significance of comprehending our individual, ecclesial, and social identities, and how this understanding can guide us in fulfilling our mission. Our discussions highlighted the importance of loving God from all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves, which is essential in becoming a beacon of hope and love in our communities. At the conference, we had table discussions where we explored ways to bring light to our society in times of darkness. We discussed offering healing where there is suffering, seeking justice where there is injustice, and initiating peace where there is conflict. The discussions were insightful and generated practical and inspiring ideas.

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