At the Nazareth Center for Peace Studies, our mission is to empower individuals as peacebuilders, equipping them with tools to be ‘salt and light’ in their own community.

The center’s holistic approach, rooted in Christ’s teachings, seeks to empower participants through LTR:
Learn – Transforming understanding, beliefs, and attitudes
Train – Equipping & empowering with practical tools & skills
Research – Guiding & exploring the journey to lasting peace

Our teachings provide a comprehensive understanding of the theological foundations for reconciliation and peace studies, guided by real-world insights. We also offer theological perspectives on social and cultural matters.
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workshop ABC
Our workshops and training are interactive sessions designed to equip individuals with practical skills for conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Each workshop provides tools to effectively navigate and mitigate conflict in various settings.
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Nazareth Peace Books
Our research covers peace and conflict through research papers, articles, chapters, and books. Our publications provide profound insights into reconciliation theology and practice, showcasing how divine influence and community efforts intertwine.
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