Research Paper at the “Theological Seminar on the War in Ukraine: Reconciliation and Restorative Justice”, Eastern European Institute of Theology

We were blessed with the opportunity to present a paper at the Theological Seminar on the War in Ukraine, organized by the Eastern European Institute of Theology. The seminar centered around the theme of “Biblical Theology of Reconciliation and Restorative Justice.” Engaging with our fellow Christians in Ukraine and witnessing the difficult realities they endure amidst the ongoing war was a profoundly impactful experience. Their shared stories were both heart-wrenching and inspiring. In the seminar, Dr. Rula Khoury Mansour spoke about “the potential of the Christian community in building peace in a divided world”. It was a humbling experience to contribute to the discussion and explore how the Christian community can play a transformative role in fostering peace, particularly in the context of the challenging circumstances Ukraine is currently facing.

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