Nazareth Center for Peace Studies Registered as a Non-profit Faith-based Organization

Board of Directors: From left to right: Dr. Khalil Nasrallah, Orthopedic Surgeon; Shireen Giryes, Lawyer; Remah Abdo,
Educational Counselor; Rasha Saba, General Secretary of Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel; Dr. Rula Khoury
Mansour, Director of the Nazareth Center for Peace Studies and Associate Professor at Nazareth Evangelical
College; Dr. Khaloob Kawar, Coordinator of MA in Special Education at Beitberl College; Randa Elias, Director of
Quality and Monitoring at EMMS Nazareth Hospital; Ranaa Barhoum Haddad, School Psychologist; Liza Nassar
Shehadeh, Vice Principal of Nazareth Baptist Elementary School.

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