Seminar: “Peacemaking as Mission” at the Mission Summit SENT 2023,Norway organized by European Baptist Federation & Baptist World Alliance

We appreciate the opportunity to lead a two-hour seminar at Mission Summit SENT 2023, a collaborative event between the European Baptist Federation (EBF) and the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) held in Stavanger, Norway. This gathering united over 900 participants from diverse regions to explore the mission of God in today’s world.
During our “Peacemaking as Mission” seminar, we explored how Christian communities can foster healing and reconciliation in divided societies through dynamic communal practices. We discussed their role as catalysts for peace, promoting forgiveness, justice, and positive change. Our discussions included real-life case studies highlighting the transformative impact of these communities that actively bridge divides, mend broken relationships, and provide spaces for dialogue in conflicting societies. Our seminar also highlighted the unique practices that define these communities, revealing their ability to inspire lasting change and resilience in challenging circumstances.
Additionally, the seminar facilitated three group discussions, with each group representing a different country: Ukraine, Ireland, and Romania. Within these discussions, groups were required to address: the mission of the Christian community in each country; the embodiment of counter-cultural values; peace-fostering practices; collaboration with the broader community; and innovative programs.
These discussions provided attendees with the platform to share insights, perspectives, and lessons from their contexts, offering valuable ideas for promoting peace through missional approaches.

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